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3 Reasons Why Every Business Needs A Christmas Corporate Party

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Companies with happy employees outperform their competition by 20%. Post-covid, senior executives are constantly trying to find new ways to keep their workforce engaged and satisfied. The working from home trend isn’t for everyone - and the majority of employees like to feel valued and not isolated from the rest of their teams.

The odd Zoom party was different and fun - don’t get me wrong - but from a social perspective, they only go a certain length in keeping employees hooked for so long. Here’s three reasons why every business should be looking towards a Christmas party, this year more than ever:

1. It is a chance to show appreciation

Nothing says thank-you for your staff’s hard work like a free cocktail mobile bar hire for the night. It provides an opportunity for those within the business to socialise and connect personally with higher-ranking executives they wouldn’t get a chance to on a normal business day.

Getting to know other associates (whilst standing at the mobile bar, ofcourse) gradually transfers into smoother communication around the office - as it becomes apparent your hard work is becoming recognised. After all, 69% of employees said they would work harder (and therefore, more productively) if they were better appreciated.

2. You can showcase your company culture

Hosting an event at a venue with a mobile cocktail bar or gin bar is a phenomenal opportunity to present your company’s culture. It is rare you will get a chance to get all the same people in the same room at the same time - utilising this means your approach can be clearly communicated from top to bottom.

Trying to instill an element of a fun atmosphere into your office building? Consider a cocktail mobile bar in the building on a Friday night in December. Won an annual award? Make it a special occasion with a gin bar hire for the evening. It will go a long way in rewarding your workforce and also provide a platform to inspire them with your vision for the business.

3. A chance to develop staff

Being given the responsibility of planning a major corporate Christmas event can be a step up for many young executives. Depending on the scope, it is an ideal opportunity to give employees responsibility in budget management, people management and problem solving - something that is transferable to almost any position.

And what better way to start off your corporate Christmas party planning than hiring a mobile bar service that takes all the hassle out of it for you?

At Ice Events we provide an extremely wide range of drinks and refreshments, customised packages and professional and friendly mixologists and bartenders. Look no further than our bespoke cocktail bars to truly WOW your guests - and get in contact today by clicking here.

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