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7 Creative Ideas to Make Your Event Uniquely Yours

Here at Ice Events, we are all about creating magical moments. Some of those magical moments happen because of all the things that you cherish. Things that represent who you are, your family, traditions, job and even hobbies.

Making an event uniquely yours goes beyond the normal celebration planning process. It's about filling the gaps – Where can you place a piece of yourself, the person or group you are planning for? and how can you be original?

If you are looking to personalise your event, then we have 7 fantastic creative ideas to get you started:

1. Make your theme personal

There is no limit to what a party theme can be. So be as imaginative as possible. Ofcourse, there are well-known and general theme options but for a personalised event, you can draw on past experiences, memories, favourite tv shows and movies. Imagine a ‘James Bond – 007’ or a ‘Camp out’ party theme. Some people can’t live without these two so why not make it part of the event?

Once you find an interest to use, expand on it and visualise the bigger picture. How can you decorate, make a dress code and put out drinks that all reflect the chosen theme? This is where the fun really comes in so don’t be shy with the ideas. The bigger the better when it comes to party themes. They are, after all, the shock factor of every themed event.

2. Incorporate a favourite activity

What are some of the fun activities you enjoy? They don’t have to be everyday activities; they can be a luxury/ a-once-in-a-while type activity that you absolutely love. For gamers and family bonding sessions, game night events have become very popular, but you can think even more outside the box. Picture a pottery and music party or even a team building rounders event with drinks afterwards.

The important bit to picking the right activity is that it must be something everyone can enjoy too. You can still have the personalised aspect, but it should be an inclusive activity for the guests. For example, if the event is a birthday or wedding celebration you can create a quiz or a bingo for everyone to participate in and see how much the party attendees know about you, the couple, or the individual the event is about. For corporate events, this also makes a great ice breaker. Time is everything too, so make sure the activity suits the schedule.

3. Get crafty

Nothing beats a hand-crafted party item; it just adds to the originality of the party and makes it even more sentimental. I once went to a wedding where the bride and her sister-in-law hand-painted personalised rocks for all the attendees. They made the perfect name placements and a post-wedding gift to take home afterwards. What is something that you could create that represents what you like to do? Ideas can range from picture boards with polaroid printouts to even hand-made invites. Consider making and sending out a pop-the-balloon invite by writing on a piece of paper, rolling it up and placing it inside the balloon before it is blown up. Blow the balloon up, tie a knot and place the balloon in a box ready to send out. Super crafty right?!

To be crafty doesn’t only mean getting your hands dirty but also using your brain creatively. Really think outside the box for this one. Think about how you can make something presentable for your event to have a meaningful, memorable, and sentimental tangible gift for your attendees.

4. Add personalised items to the decoration

You can’t talk about presentation without mentioning the obvious event planning essential - the decoration. The decorations you choose are important because they visually tell everyone what the event is about and WHO it is about. When you think of it like that you can’t go wrong when you want to match the theme and the person/group the event is all about. Some ways you can do this is by adding pictures, quotes, funny phrases or even jokes to table decorations and the top of cupcakes, cookies and other food that can be decorated. This move is the real icing on the event so make it aesthetically pleasing.

5. Get flavourful with the drinks

What speaks ‘this event is truly yours’ than having your favourite drink mixes on the drink menu? If you like making your own ‘Famous’ alcoholic and non-alcoholic punches why not make it part of the event? If you don’t have enough time for that don’t worry, mobile bars like us can help create a drinks menu that reflects you. We can even switch up some names and get creative. Who wants a ‘Berry Merry WooHoo’? Okay, we might need to brainstorm on that one together, I don’t think it’s Christmas just yet!

6. Put your spin on a party tradition

Instead of blowing out candles why not get a smash cake? Instead of making a speech toast too why not read out a poem or a slideshow? There are so many alternatives that can be made to suit you and your event. Traditions are allowed to be broken as you have full ownership of what happens at your event. You are the rule maker, so be innovative. Get rid of the champagne and add your signature drink too.

7. Add a character trait to your event

Are you generous or are you funnier? Whatever your character trait is or the person you are planning for, you can use that to make your event unique. For the givers out there, why not create adult gift bags? You would think those would have stopped at your youthful ages, but it is a great gesture to say you appreciate the people who have attended the event.

For the comedic ladies and gents out there, comedy hour at your event can just about top it all off. You can be bold and do a comedy act or a prank but head warning with this one, some pranks go too far even for your attendees. To be on the safer side, you can also opt for a dress-up photo booth for guests who are always up for a laugh.

The key is to think outside of the box. Search within yourself, visualise and put your ideas into action!

We hope you enjoyed these creative planning tips for a great unique and personalised event. Make sure to stay tuned on our site for more and contact us if you need some help creating more magical moments for your event.

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