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How to Customise the Best Drinks Menu for your Event

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

With the sun’s return and April’s arrival, many of you may be putting on your event planning hats again.

Whether you are throwing a birthday bash, wedding reception or even an event for work, there is a key item on your planning list that you may have written or are bound to run into soon…

That item is your drinks menu.

Making choices on what drinks your party guests want can seem like such an easy task. But if it’s tricky trying to decide what to have off a menu when it’s just you picking, we can already imagine the challenge you are facing trying to choose drinks for others too. At Ice Events, our mobile bars are made to suit you and your event. The power is in your hands. You can choose what beverages are on offer. Of course, that decision process does not have to be a stressful one at all... To help you take your picks with an eased mind, we have listed the best planning tips to make sure you have the right drinks for your event:

1. Be inspired

In the same way that artists, writers, and musicians are inspired by what they see, hear and experience, you can form an idea of what drinks you want to see on the menu. Think back to previous parties and weddings you have been to, what drinks did you enjoy? What did you see others spend the night re-ordering and holding in their hands? If your memory is hazy and you really enjoyed a few drinks that time, don’t worry, the internet is always there to help. You can search for soft drinks, mocktails, wines and beers, then scour their descriptions and ingredients to get a better idea of taste. This can even help you to come up with a theme and match your menu accordingly. Pinterest and Instagram are there for the visualisers. The aesthetically pleasing images of drinks and food on both social media sites will have your mouth watering instantly. You might not be able to get what you see right there and then but at least you will have an inspired vision of what your party will serve. Knowing what is out there is the key to getting you inspired.

2. Don’t be shy to ask

If everyone could read each other’s minds a lot of mistakes could be avoided - but that’s not the reality we live in. A simple solution to getting an answer to something you simply do not know is to ask.

Do not be afraid to ask friends, family or work colleagues what drinks they like. And once you ask you don’t have to ask them again.

At the next event, you can leave your guests feeling surprised, honoured, and impressed that you remembered their favourite drinks.

For the tech-savvy and creative hosts, if your guest list is small consider making a survey asking your guests about their drink and food preferences. You can even use the survey to work out who is coming.

For more ideas see SurveyMonkey’s event planning survey templates and tips. Our team of experienced bartenders and waiters are always a call away too. As this is our speciality, we are always happy to offer advice, answers, and solutions with the best and honest judgement possible. Get in touch with us here.

3.Have alternatives but don’t go overboard

One of your main concerns might also be: “What if I add this drink and nobody tries it?” or “Does this drink match the food menu?”

Both are valid and good questions to ask especially if you are thinking beyond the generic drinks.

The solution isn’t to have a variety of every drink possible but instead, aim to have a finetuned selection.

Fit for the number of guests coming and most importantly, fit for your budget. Too many options, extreme or not can become an unnecessary cost and even a waste of drinks.

Although providing alternatives is an important must for guests with allergies and dietary requirements, a good drink menu is able to meet collective needs.

When you see a group of people ordering the same drink more than once, that’s when you know you have made a good choice.

In any case, do not feel the pressure or need to cater to every single person’s specific needs, it would be impossible and time-consuming.

After all the whole nature of events, parties and occasions is to celebrate together, that even means enjoying the same selection of drinks together. So, when you are fine-tuning your list, keep it simple. Have a good mix but do not go over the top.


We hope these 3 tips have helped you customise your drink menu so it's just right for your event. For some more inspiration check our example menu here with all the usual event favourites.

Event planning is not easy but there are ways of getting around decisions in a way that is simpler and more enjoyable.

Hiring a mobile bar is one of the ways to make the process easier. You select and we supply the rest. To hire ICE Events for your celebration, let's talk and tick off your drink menu on your to do list!

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