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Mindful Drinking with Alcohol-Free Mobile Bars

Four years ago, would you have imagined 6.5 million people in the UK going alcohol-free?

That’s how this year started and for sure times have changed.

Before, the most you could find in the alcohol-free scene was Kopparberg’s low to no Alcohol Strawberry & Lime Cider.

For the fortunate and wise ones, on the healthy bandwagon earlier, Kombucha was also there still as a hard find but available.

Just as none of us could have anticipated Covid-19’s arrival, alcohol-free drinks have joined the market and are here to stay.

Unmissable and high in demand.

You can find an alternative for almost everything now.

Fancy non-alcoholic beer, wine or spirits and even pre-mixed cocktails, the pick is yours.

Dry January and the alcohol-free movement combined have helped transform so many lives. Whether it is cutting back or going sober full-time.

Better yet, the journey of sobriety is not shameful or lonesome. It’s an open conversation and lifestyle that teetotallers a.k.a. non-drinkers are doing as a large community.

Not only growing in numbers but in support and excitement to experience new alternatives together.

Outside the movement

This year, you might have been one of the lucky ones to host or be invited to an alcohol-free wedding, party or event. Maybe you even have one lined up this spring?

There is beauty in every new experience.

With so many people collectively going healthier too, the way people celebrate is changing.

At parties it is so easy to think that everyone loves to down a pint or two, some wine even and forget the night completely – mind you, a great way to celebrate for someone who loves that.

But for many others, who often say, “I’m not feeling it today,” for any drinking ventures.

An alcohol-free beverage is what ensures they have the most fun and enjoyable time.

It's like the icing on the cake.

Great people, great music, great food, and a great alcohol-free drink.

A feeling mobile bars can bring for everyone

The mobile bar scene has been transforming alongside the alcohol-free movement.

Although there are only a few fully stocked non-alcoholic bars in the UK like Keys and Tonic, drink menus are expanding.

At Ice Events, we know that you or your guests have preferences.

When you customise your menu with us, you can choose from mocktails to alcohol-free mixers.

Seeing how Alcohol-free has transformed the lives of people, we want that to continue at the most pivotal moments of celebration.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a work function, your colleagues can still appreciate an alcohol-free beverage over a soft drink.


If you are feeling inspired to host or already had an alcohol-free celebration pending why not get in touch with us and let’s talk about your menu!

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